Tour of HH Color Lab Albums

30 x 60 Canvas Prints on Display at HH Color Lab

Behind the scenes of the albums made at HH Color Lab, a lot happens. Have you ever wondered how your leather wedding album is created? Let me show you exactly how your beautiful products get produced! Click below to see more!

Welcome to HH Color Lab in Raytown, Mo! I was so excited to see everything! From the moment when you walk in the door, there are striking examples all over the showroom.

J Renee Photography

Inside, you can see all the examples of everything HH Color Lab has to offer to provide our customers with the best products in the industry, including the beautiful Salvatore Cincotta Collection. As I walked on the lab tour, I saw how albums are created from start to finish. What was neat to see was all of the leather hides imported in for finishing the covers.

Albums can have various covers, from genuine leather to linen and photo covers. The inside surfaces of the albums have crushed velvet linings, and some are even hand-stitched; not all cover materials are created alike. Some are imported from Italy and hand-sewn to give it the utmost personal touch. A high level of quality and craftsmanship goes into curating and developing the perfect product, and it is phenomenal.

Check out some examples below!

There are two parts to every album made. The cover is made separate from the pages. The choices you make with your photographer will determine the type of paper, coatings, and thickness of your pages added to your album. Each album or photo book is put together individually and inspected for the utmost craftsmanship and detail you deserve.

From the moment your photography creates the layout to the minute, it is hand-sewn, and you can rest assured that you will have the best quality album in the market. Because of these steps, J Renee Photography offers these albums in their product lineup! Contact me today to see how you can add one to your wedding packages! 

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