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Quinceañera Photography | J Renee Photography

You have put years into this moment for your daughter and invested countless hours as well as money. This once-in-a-lifetime moment should be captured in its entirety forever. You have made sure that all the details are perfect from the dress, the decor, and everything that goes into making a quinceañera absolutely unforgettable. Most importantly, hiring a professional photographer allows everyone in the family to enjoy and soak up emotions and the event as it happens. You do not want anyone in the family to have fuzzy memories of the Quinceanera. The celebration of the transition from a young girl to a young woman is a special event!

Quinceañera Photography | J Renee Photography
For a fifteen-year-old girl fortunate enough to celebrate one, her Quinceañera celebration is nothing short of magical. Clearly, she’ll want to look at the fabulous photos of her fairytale day for years to come. For this reason, it’s crucial to hire the right photographer for your Quinceañera!

A young girl’s 15th birthday, called the Quinceañera, celebrates the transition from a child to a young woman. The event begins with a religious ceremony and is followed by a party with family and friends. Historically, the becoming-of-age-tradition, akin to a bat mitzvah, Sweet Sixteen, or debutante ball, was most celebrated in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries. Women displayed their purity and readiness for marriage when they turn 15. The party signals that she is now eligible to marry.

Today, Latin American girls across the United States celebrate their Quinceañeras with extravagant birthday parties with budgets that rival weddings. An average Quinceañera celebration ranges from $15,000-20,000; the Quinceañera has become a thriving $400 million industry for event planners, specialized retailers, makeup artists, hairstylists, caterers, bakers, D.J.s and photographers.  For this momentous day, families hire professional Quinceañera Photographers to capture the event in photos and videos.

Quinceañera Photography | J Renee Photography
Quinceañera posing for portraits at Oak Park in WIchita, KS

For a fifteen-year-old girl fortunate enough to celebrate one, her Quinceañera celebration is nothing short of magical. Clearly, she’ll want to look at the fabulous photos of her fairytale day for years to come. For this reason, it’s crucial to hire the right photographer for your Quinceañera!

To help you in your search, here are some tips on what to expect, how to find the perfect Quince photographer, and some helpful hints on getting the most beautiful must-take Quinceañera photos possible.

1. First up is a photoshoot that’s similar to an engagement session but this time with the focus on the young Quinceañera. The objective is to capture her beauty and elegance and may be done at a location of her choosing. It also may include planning for fancier clothes, hair, and makeup.

2. Next is the Quinceañera day pre-celebration preparation. The photographer will arrive a few hours before the event and take pictures of the celebrant being dolled up, photograph her ceremony articles—tiara, shoes, Bible, etc.—photograph her family, her court, and usually take some photos of meaningful things around the home such as favorite toys or pictures of the celebrant growing up.

3. After the home picture, he or she will photograph the Quinceañera Mass including the guests, the Quinceañera and her court making their entrance and then their exit, and highlights of the celebration itself. There may also be some formal poses taken inside and/or outside of the church.

Quinceañera Photography | J Renee Photography
Quinceañera posing for portraits in the courtyard of The Cathedral of Immaculate Conception in WIchita, KS

Note: The photographer may have to abide by certain restrictions set by the church so some poses of the Mass may be recreated after the ceremony but before the celebrant and her court depart for the reception.

4. The photographer will then either travel with and take pictures of the entourage en route or go on ahead to the venue to be there before anyone arrives. He or she will take photographs of the venue and its decor, the arrival of the Quinceañera and her court, and photograph the guests trickling in and settling down.

5. Finally, the photographer will be busy capturing precious moments of the party itself, and also take a few more formal photos of the Quinceañera, her family, and her entourage. Of particular importance are program elements such as the Last Doll, the High Heeled Shoes, the father-daughter dance, and the speeches, among other things.

You can expect your Quinceañera photographer to focus on you, the celebrant, and your family during the formal photoshoots, giving direction to people to move around a bit or shift position to get the best angles to make everyone look attractive. Come party time, though, she may seem to fade into the woodwork so that everyone can focus on the fun. From time to time, again she may pop in and ask you to pose a certain way to get a beautiful shot.

Quinceañera Photography | J Renee Photography
A Quinceañera poses with her court outside of her venue for her party in a fun photo

Most of the time, however, your photographer will remain in the background shooting as much as she can in an effort to capture beautiful stolen moments of people having fun and loving each other.

Most of the time, when it comes time for a young lady’s quinceañera, the extra step is taken to hire a professional photographer. Hours, days, weeks, and months are typically spent planning this special event because it only comes once in a lifetime—so most parents feel it’s necessary to make sure every moment is captured perfectly by someone who knows what they are doing.

It’s true that everyone has phones with built-in cameras these days, but when you hire an actual, professional quinceañera photographer, you can be sure that you’ll be getting beautifully captured moments from the party you’ve worked so hard to organize. You can rest assured knowing that you will end up having photos that are more artistic than just your friends and family snapping images with their phones.

When your daughter looks back at her quinceañera photos, she will get to re-live that incredible time again and again. These photos will show the love between herself, her family, and her guests—so photography plays an important role.

If you’re currently in the middle of Quinceañera planning and you’re looking for the perfect Quinceañera Photographer, consider J Renee Photography. If you’re interested, please Contact Us with any questions you have!

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