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What is Love?

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

An Impromptu Proposal

I just love the snow but it’s even better when you get the opportunity to capture a surprise proposal in such a magical setting…and it was on Valentine’s Day too! Michael contacted me to surprise his soon to be fiance Justine with a ring. Michael wanted to pop the question in a place that meant a lot to them both. They often take walks through Riverside Park in Wichita, KS and the bridge at North River Blvd and 11th Street was just the spot! I arrived early and hid beside the bridge out of site to await their arrival! It was so cold! Wichita was being hit with an epic cold front of negative 20 degrees and had a huge snow storm heading our way. At 9 am Michael arrived with a very unsuspecting Justine in tow. 

Micheal and Justine walked to the middle of the bridge as I snuck around behind them so she couldn’t see me. I began to take pictures of them and then Michael dropped to his knee to ask Justine to marry him. She said yes! Justine was so surprised and excited. I asked him how he got her to the bridge with all the snow outside from the night before. This was an ultimate feat considering it was 9 am and freezing outdoors. Michael told me how he convinced Justine they had to meet their uber at the bridge to go to church that morning because the car was having trouble. He was so glad she didn’t check the news because church had been cancelled that morning!

After we walked back to the cars I grabbed some hand warmers so we could continue on with a mini engagement session of them both. It was by then the snow storm had started to hit! As we were shooting these we ended up having a fairy tale setting where the snow fell around them in with big, beautiful snowflakes. It was absolutely stunning. After we finished and I looked at the back of the camera I knew they were going to love these images! Here’s a few from their session!

I love photographing impromptu proposals and I hope to photograph yours next! Let’s connect and give your fiance the romantic proposal she deserves!